IE Brown Executive MBA

Throughout history, many companies have vowed to balance profits with a higher purpose. Some have succeeded, some have failed and the rest fall somewhere in between with efforts that bare modest returns.

Today, confronted by pressing social, economic and environmental challenges, society’s expectations for business are rising. And the call is clear. Embracing responsible leadership is no longer optional. It’s the essential advantage for businesses to drive both profit and positive impact — to rise above and forge a better future for all.

Business at its Core

Sharpen your knowledge in core business concepts across several disciplines and gain the analytical skill set and cross-industry expertise to navigate complex, global challenges.

  • Establish a comprehensive foundation of business and critical-thinking skills fostered by the liberal arts
  • Improve your business savvy to comprehend the interconnected nature of global markets, emerging technologies and shifting customer expectations
  • Hone your decision-making skills with a data-informed approach and bold thinking; driving innovation and strengthening your legacy

Accreditation & Ranking

The IE Brown Executive MBA is triple-accredited by AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS (a status achieved by only 1% of the world's business schools) and ranked #5 worldwide in the 2024 QS World University Rankings, Executive MBA Joint Programs.

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Leading People and Teams

Realize the full potential of people by developing an inclusive leadership lens and the skills to motivate diverse teams and lead a culture of engagement where every individual can thrive.

  • Cultivate your leadership skills through self-awareness, critical thinking and resilience
  • Foster a high-performance culture in a learning-oriented and experimental environment to nurture a positive workspace
  • Encourage collaboration and embrace diverse perspectives
  • Tap into the collective intelligence of your teams and stakeholders

Strategic Foresight

Identify key drivers of change in a world that is moving faster than ever before. From the future of work and the way we live and interact — rapid transformations in technology and society necessitate a strategic approach to leadership, planning and decision making.

  • Embrace a forward-thinking mindset, constantly scanning the horizon for trends, risks and opportunities across industries
  • Generate value by proactively designing strategies that can weather storms and capitalize on emerging possibilities
  • Learn how to lead through change so your business and people can adapt (and succeed) in variable environments
  • Understand historical precedents to create future-proof business models by asking the right questions


Sustainability and Social Impact

Develop as a deeply responsible leader who understands the power of leveraging business as a force for good and share that knowledge and passion with your people and organization.

  • Deliver value to all stakeholders including people, customers, shareholders and the communities where you operate
  • Define your purpose and leverage it as a guiding force for your actions
  • Conduct business responsibly, prioritizing the principle of “do no harm”
  • Create and lead sustainable business practices with a focus on positive impact for people and the environment

“ The program has a clear sense of how social responsibility and the bottom line are not in competition with one another. You don’t have to either maximize profit or do good for people or the community or the environment. You can do those two things in tandem. ”

Tim James '20 EMBA