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Why did you choose the IE Brown Executive MBA program?

1. I love Brown! I first came here as an undergraduate, then for medical school and now as an Assistant Clinical Professor for the Department of Family Medicine. In fact, when I graduate from the EMBA program this May, I will be celebrating my 15-year reunion from undergrad, 10 year reunion from med school and 5 years as an Asst. Clinical Professor.

2. With our healthcare system under undue stress during the pandemic with deaths climbing, limited access to resources, and medical staff tired, overwhelmed, and morally injured, I began to witness firsthand a great resignation and reshuffling within healthcare as doctors and others reconsidered their roles and what matters most to them and their families. I realized that in order for me to thrive in this changing landscape, I would need to step back, check my own pulse, and re-evaluate where we are as a healthcare system and how I can be of most help. I decided with the help and guidance of mentors to beef up my business acumen, hone my leadership skills, examine the intersection of business and society, and dive deep into the data evaluating where we are and where we are going when it comes to technology, innovation and creativity while not ignoring where it is that we came from. This last part is key. Brown doesn’t let us forget where we came from. The Shared History of Slavery and Capitalism is where this program begins its teaching, right alongside Accounting and Managerial Economics.
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IE Business School

Alumni Spotlight: Lauren Johnson '20 EMBA

"My network has been enriched with smart people with diverse perspectives, job functions and cultural experiences that can champion me and push me forward throughout my career."
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Throughout his career and during his time in the IE Brown Executive MBA, Jarvis Sam (he/him/his), the Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer at Nike has been on a journey of self-discovery. But in his pursuit of finding his authentic self — there is no finish line.
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Sky’s the limit for Sophie Parker EMBA’22

The former rocket launcher, military professional, and project manager turned to Brown’s Executive MBA program to help propel her dream of successful—and responsible—leadership.
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The world’s population is diversifying at a rapid pace. In the U.S., demographic shifts will result in a majority-minority state by around 2045 while global immigration is changing societies around the world. These trends will impact businesses across all industries and at every level.

Now more than ever, it is vital for leaders to choose an MBA program that not only incorporates diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) into the curriculum but positions DEI-focused initiatives as central to business success in a global context.
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