IE Brown Executive MBA

Program Schedule and Format

Designed for busy, ambitious professionals our program blends interactive online learning with in-person sessions. Regardless of where you live, IE Brown Executive MBA's rigorous curriculum, world-class faculty and dynamic community allows you to build the network and skills vital for advancing your business without interrupting your career.

Program Schedule

The program has 5 face-to-face periods for a total of approximately 7.5 weeks in residence over 15 months. The face-to-face periods take place at the campuses of IE in Madrid, Spain, Brown University in Providence, USA and on location in Cape Town, South Africa. 

The module in South Africa is an ‘immersion experience’, specifically designed for students to experience the ‘beyond business’ focus of the program in a real setting. The week in Cape Town provides context for applied learning— applying knowledge acquired in previous classroom and online sessions. This rich field experience, in which new opportunities are proposed, explored and understood in context, is intensified and amplified by the dynamic clashes of culture, politics and human need in the selected site.

Interactive, online learning takes place between the face-to-face periods, ensuring continuous learning and interaction between classmates for the duration of the program. 

Class of 2022 Program Schedule

2021 Online Learning March 2021-May 2022
  In-Residence: Madrid March 2021 (2 weeks)
  In-Residence: Providence June 2021 (1.5 weeks)
  In-Residence: Madrid October 2021 (1.5 weeks)
2022 In-Residence: Cape Town January 2022 (1 week)
  In-Residence: Providence May 2022 (1.5 weeks)
  Commencement May 2022

Class of 2021 Program Schedule

2020 Online Learning March 2020-May 2021
  In-Residence: Madrid March 1-13, 2020
  In-Residence: Providence June 15-25, 2020
  In-Residence: Madrid October 19-29, 2020
2022 In-Residence: Cape Town January 15-23, 2021
  In-Residence: Providence May 18-30, 2021
  Commencement May 30, 2021

Program Format

Our approach isn’t just online and it isn’t just on campus – it’s blended. We align and combine the best of technology, methodology and our world-class faculty, so you can experience multi-layered learning in a multi-faceted environment.