IE Brown Executive MBA

Gayle Allard

Professor of Managerial Economics


Gayle Allard has been a professor of Managerial Economics for IE Business School since 2001. She studied at the University of California, Davis (Ph.D. in Economics), Johns Hopkins University (Master’s in International Affairs) and the Monterey Institute of International Studies (Spanish language and literature). Her research has centered on labor markets, in particular the position of youth and immigrants in Europe and how labor-market rigidities affect unemployment. More recently she has moved into development issues, particularly in Africa and in relation to China. Gayle appears regularly in leading international media as a commentator on today’s key economic problems.

Gayle has taught a course on Coursera (Understanding Economic Policymaking) to about 30,000 students, and has authored numerous interactive exercises and games, along with an e-textbook on macroeconomic policymaking.