IE Brown Executive MBA

Marco Trombetta

Professor of Financial Accounting


Despite the common belief that accounting practice is simply a mechanical application of a set of rules, Marco Trombetta believes that the only way to truly account for a transaction is first to understand its economics, and only then apply the accounting mechanics. It was this intuition that positioned the theoretical economist view of accounting as a way for companies to transform raw data into useful information.

This idea is at the core of the recent developments in accounting practice. The way in which companies are created, organized and managed is in constant flux. Only a set of accounting standards and procedures that give preference to the substance of transactions over their form will be able to keep up with the business dynamic and receive international acceptance. This spirit is embedded in the International Financial Reporting Standards and underlines the on-going process of harmonizing accounting standards around the world. This is what forms the fundamental backbone of Professor Trombetta’s expertise. Marco holds a Ph.D. in economics from Oxford University.